Knowest Imaging Traffic Monitoring and Enforcement

Integrated tracking radar, high performance camera with and powerful processing platform, Knowest Imaging Traffic Monitoring and Enforcement (TME) system provide sufficient traffic information needed to manage a route: instant information on traffic conditions, automatic warning when the problem occurred, enforcement of violated vehicles.

Using multiple objects tracking radar technology to track in complex traffic conditions with dozens of recorded results within 1 second, TME systems provide reliable traffic information with great accuracy.

Traffic Information Collection

The Traffic Data Collection (TDC) function provides aggregated traffic data for each traffic lane or a lane group. The traffic data are centralized and stored in the database and can also be supplied to a Traffic Management Center through standard TCP-based protocol.

Information about each vehicle:
  • Image
  • Number plate
  • Vehicle classification
  • Speed
  • Lane position
  • Distance to other vehicles
  • Average speed
Aggregate traffic information:
  • Number of vehicles (by vehicle class)
  • Traffic density
  • Average speed
  • Average distance
  • Level of Service (LOS): LOS can be computed based on averaged speed and averaged occupancy. The Levels Of Service thresholds are fully adjustable and allow defining different traffic states, such as:
    • Free flow traffic
    • Normal flow traffic
    • Dense traffic
    • Congested traffic
    • Stop-and-go traffic


Automatic Incident Detection

Automatic Incident Detection (AID) function automated analysis, detection and automatic warning when an incident occurs; help for Traffic Operations Center can respond quickly when there is a problem, minimize the loss of lives and property as well as restoration of traffic in shortest time.

Types of incidents can be detected:
  • Crashed vehicle
  • Stopped vehicle
  • Slow vehicle
  • Wrong way vehicle
  • Traffic Slowdown
  • Pedestrain
At the same time, based on the analysis of average speed and density of vehicles in two points successive installation of equipment, the system can detect and warn about problems that may occur on the road.

Automatic Traffic Enforcement

Automatic Traffic Enforcement (ATE) provide the clearest picture and number plate violation to the fullest means information that comes to the evidence already recorded indisputable.

Types of violation are recorded:
  • Speed violation
  • Minimum distance violation
  • Wrong lane violation
  • Wrong stopped violation
  • Wrong way violation
  • Average speed violation

Easy to Install

Because of flexible mounting options, TME device are easy to integrate with existing infrastructure like street light or traffic light poles, this makes things simple.

The TME device performance is not affected by dirt, smog, fog, sunlight, wind, sandstorms or extreme temperatures (-20…+50°C). Even rain and snow have only small impact on device performance and usually their influence is not noticeable due to detection margins and advanced tracking algorithms. Because of its IP67 water tight housing, the sensor can be mounted in any environments.

Technical data

Pedestrian Detection Range 46m
Vehicle Detection Range 160m
Azimut Field Of View -18...+18 deg
Simultaneously Lanes 3
Traffic Direction Approaching & Receding
Counting Accuracy > 96%
Camera Near IR B/W camera, 2048 pixel width
Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 300 x 130 x 180 mm
Enclosure Rugged, Watertight casing conforming to IP67
Operating Temperature -20 to +50 deg C
Mounting Height 4 to 10 meters
Power Supply 11 to 26 VDC; 18 Watts
Communication Interface Wifi or Ethernet