Knowest Imaging Traffic Data Acquisition Device

Knowest Imaging TDA device feature the most advanced object tracking radar technology in the market today. The patented radar principle allows real time counting of all vehicles simultaneously even in complex conditions. Detection happens many times per second, and an object tracking algorithm monitors all vehicles over time. As a result all objects in the field of view will be reliably detected and counted with excellent precision.

Integrated with camera, GPS and embedded PC in all-in-one device; the TDA provide easy to use and visual proven video and GPS data recorded with traffic data.

Traffic Counting and Classification

Knowest Imaging TDA device perform counting, classification and deliver traffic statistic data. Covering up to 6 lanes, they provide position and speed vector along with class, lane index and other information for traffic statistic.

The data provided per lane are as follows:
  • Volume / Class
  • Occupancy
  • Average Speed
  • 85th percentile speed
  • Headway
  • Gap

Because of the advantageous forward firing operation principle, looking along the road instead of across a road, Knowest Imaging TDA device deliver the highest speed accuracy of all traffic radars.

Accurate and Reliable

In a 15 hour trial conducted by user, traffic data were collected in 15 minute intervals on a two-lane road and compared to counts obtained by loops. As shown in the figure below, the Knowest Imaging TDA device demonstrates excellent counting accuracy even in dense traffic conditions.

Traffic Data Analysis

For traffic reporting and analysis, the TDA software offers set of features to import, analyze, report and export traffic count data. It allows users to conduct different studies such as volume, speed and vehicle classification analysis. Statistics data can be post –processed or fed into third-party solutions for further analysis.

Available reports and studies include:
  • Speed reports
    • Speed study by speed bin
    • Hourly speed study by speed bin
  • Classification reports
  • Volume reports
    • Volume graph report
    • Volume by day report
    • Hourly volume report

Data granularity can be selected. It is possible to obtain real-time traffic data from the radar sensor, with individual vehicle tracking within the whole field-of-view. Traffic data alternatively can be accumulated by the radar with report intervals up to one hour. These reports include vehicle volume and class, average speed, headway, gap, road occupancy and 85th percentile speed. Additionally, per vehicle records are offered. They consist of one data set per vehicle including position, speed, class and time stamp.

Easy to Install

Because of flexible mounting options, Knowest Imaging TDA device are easy to integrate with existing infrastructure like street light or traffic light poles. Usually no lanes need to be blocked, since the device is typically installed on a tripod at the roadside no setback is required. This makes things simple. The provide multiple frequency channels to ensure interference free operation close to each other.

The TDA device performance is not affected by dirt, smog, fog, sunlight, wind, sandstorms or extreme temperatures (-20…+50°C). Even rain and snow have only small impact on device performance and usually their influence is not noticeable due to detection margins and advanced tracking algorithms. Because of its IP67 water tight housing, the sensor can be mounted in any environments.

Convenient Configuration

Knowest Imaging TDA device are shipped together with the configuration and installation software.

TDA software has the following features:
  • Configuration of Alignment
  • Configuration of Lanes
  • Configuration of Measurement Lines
  • Display of Vehicles
  • Display of Statistics Data
  • Display of Video

The Microsoft Windows based software works on every notebook or tablet computer. Using Wifi or Ethernet interface, it allows configuration and alignment in one procedure. It visualizes highway and device configuration, real-time traffic data as well as detection results like counting statistics. Traffic data are streamed, recorded and played back and can be transmitted to traffic operations centers or formatted and exported for off-line analysis.


Parameter and Model TDA TDA lite
Pedestrian Detection Range 46m
Vehicle Detection Range 105m
Azimut Field Of View -35...+35 deg
Simultaneously Lanes 6
Traffic Direction Approaching & Receding
Counting Accuracy > 95%
Camera 3 MP Day/Night camera
GPS -160 dBm; 50 channels GPS N/A
Storage -160 dBm; 50 256 GB N/A
Weight 4.5 kg 2.5 kg
Dimensions 260 x 180 x 130 mm 300 x 130 x 180 mm
Enclosure Rugged, Watertight casing conforming to IP67
Operating Temperature -20 to +50deg C
Mounting Height 4 to 10 meters
Power Supply 11 to 26 VDC; 36 Watts 11 to 26 VDC; 18 Watts
Communication Interface Wifi or Ethernet