Technology Transfer

Having our main business operation Germany and Europe, EKE Solutions has wide access to the technology platform of developed countries. Technology transfer has become one of our main activities since EKE started our business. We’ve been playing our role as a link to connect developed countries with advanced technology to market where technologies are key factors to future development.

EKE Solutions and our strategic business partners will not only introduce new technology but also having resources to deploy and transfer technology to the end users. We offer different business models including turn key projects in technology transfer.

Know–how Transfer

In EKE Solutions, we understand that buying process will never ensure the success of a project or a business. Know- how and management are vital to turn any investment into fruitful result and success. EKE Solutions has been helping in many international projects with know-how from European countries. With the full support from our professional partners, we provide management services, design procedures and business standards, set up operation and team building.

Infrastructure Investment & Development

E.U probably has the best infrastructure in the world and Germany is proud to be on the top list. E.U has all know-how, vision, experiences and financial powers for new infrastructure development in developing countries. Infrastructure and development is our business focus in the last few years, especially when we, EKE Solutions, realize the rapid growth of Asia economy. We has been involved in different infrastructure projects and keep looking for new opportunities in Asia.

Investment Consultancy

EKE Solutions provides full services and consultant packages to investors worldwide. Our consultant services open up to many fields such as: feasibility study, project audit, project assessment, project evaluation, legal advise and procedures..

We have in-house resource and partners for different business scope and our services extend worldwide.

Finance Sourcing

Our long term experience in technology transfer and infrastructure development allow us to build strong network with banking system and financial firms in Germany and Europe. We work along with international funds to provide financial support for projects internationally. We help developers to approach financial sources and we help them to close the deal smartly and efficiently.

Special System & Equipment

We plan, supply, install and maintain special system and equipment from Germany and Europe to many developing countries. We help buyers to select the right solution for their needs. We link them to top manufacturers in Europe and Germany. We facilitate all buying process. We deliver not only the equipment but also services and skills.